‘Compete with Class’ Policy: ALDC Terms of Conduct

All Competitors, Instructors, Judges and Schools/Studios must adhere to the ‘Compete with Class’ policy and conduct themselves within the Australian Latin Dance Championships (‘ALDC’) Terms of Conduct in every aspect of their involvement in the competition. They must conduct themselves in a manner that portrays positive role modelling, and must exhibit ethical and sportsmanlike behaviour before, during and after the Competition. Foremost, this involves exhibiting respect and courtesy towards all.

Competitor Conduct

       The ALDC has a zero tolerance policy towards any harassment, abusive conduct or unsportsmanlike behaviour. Instances of the aforementioned may result in a lifetime ban from the competition.

       The use of social media to slander or defame another individual, Competitor/s Judge or Dance School/Studio, may also result in a lifetime ban from the competition.

       If the behaviour of a Competitor or School/Studio is deemed to fall within any of the aforementioned unacceptable behaviours, or if acting with disrespect to the Competition or Judge, the individual responsible and their partner (where relevant) may be banned from future involvement in the ALDC.

       Where the unacceptable behaviour is from an individual, their School/Studio of affiliation will receive an official warning. If the Competitor/Studio is found to be further aggravating the scenario or situation, there will be additional consequences faced by the individual/team, potentially including disqualification (without reimbursement) and/or the responsible Competitor/Studio being banned from the Competition.


Studio and Directors’ Conduct

       If a Studio Director is found to be engaging in any form of unethical or unsportsmanlike conduct, their studio may be excluded from the Competition and banned from future involvement, with strictly no reimbursement for any financial contribution or associated competitor registration costs.

       Unethical and unsportsmanlike conduct includes, but is not limited to,

-       Causing ‘hype’ within the school/studio and defaming the ALDC,

-       Intentionally registering a competitor as an Amateur (i.e. in Pro-Am or in an Amateur team) where they are evidently of Semi-Pro or Professional competitor status,

-       Purposely misleading competitors at their own studio by assuring them of their competitor status which is clearly incorrect,

       Depending on severity as determined by the Competition Director, the School/Studio may be banned if the ALDC feels that they are in any aggravating a situation.



       In addition to either disqualification or lifetime ban for the responsible individual, their partner, and/or their School/Studio, any slander or defamation of any participating Judges, Competitors or of the competition will also potentially result in ALDC pursuing appropriate legal action against the participating party or parties.


All competitors, Instructors, Judges and Participating Studios must adhere to the Terms of Conduct specified above. In essence, the ‘Compete with Class’ Policy upholds ethical behaviour and the values of sportsmanship, respect, integrity and responsibility.  


If you have any questions on our 'Compete with Class' Policy, please write to us by clicking here.